When you bring your project to EMI’s attention, you work with a team that understands and puts your needs, specifics, interests, and potential first, providing you with integrated and customized solutions, tailored to each problem, as well as to each client. Our specialists actively listen to you and offer you the solution you need for your project, no matter what field you work in.

In any technical project developed, EMI specialists provide consulting services starting early on, in the request for proposal stage and the technical plan or sketch phase, in order to meet your specific needs. We visit the site together, then offer solutions tailored to the actual project situation and requirements. We carry out projects to international quality standards and deliver products on time. Throughout the project, from tendering to maintenance and servicing, we provide technical advice and supervision, as well as coordination of the teams in the field.


The essential element of the solutions offered by EMI is the flexibility, adaptability, and ingenuity with which our specialists solve the particular problems and needs of each client.

We carry out bespoke projects. Often, these involve tailored-to-project design by EMI specialists and the manufacture in our factory of special, custom-made, unique parts or assemblies, which are essential for the integrated technical solution designed to come to pass and perform.


Recognized as a market leader in providing complete services and customized solutions in the field of industrial access systems, EMI has the advantage of its own factory in Căteasca, near Pitești, a winning investment both from a technological and human resources point of view.

By using state-of-the-art technology from the largest international suppliers of equipment and technology in the field, the EMI factory’s manufacturing process is up to international quality standards, whether we are talking about large series, small series, or one-off products.

EMI manufacturing is carried out with highly versatile and productive equipment such as Lasertube 3D LT 8.20, for pipes and profiles up to 40kg/m weight and a diameter between 12 and 240 mm; 2D laser; Abkant press for bending sheet metal; press for bending sheets up to 6 m long; sheet metal straightening and cutting machine; sandwich panel cutting machine; 3D printer.

At Căteasca, we manufacture our own products such as industrial sectional doors, roller shutter doors, high-speed rolling and folding gates, industrial sliding gates, metal swing gates, fireproof doors and gates, being able to ensure better production times and costs than the competition. However, if the problem faced by a client does not have an existing technical solution on the market, our specialists create a bespoke solution and our colleagues at the Căteasca Factory produce it. The portfolio of clients, products, and services is thus continuously growing.

The Căteasca Factory is a guarantee that we can offer a unique combination of comprehensive and personalized service, quality, and responsiveness:

  • Quality guaranteed by having 100% control over production (direct supervision; latest technology, equipment, and machinery)
  • Bespoke products tailored to the needs of each client
  • Limited costs
  • Fast delivery due to stock control
  • National network of technicians for installation, maintenance, and 24/7 service

Our people and work philosophy make our business unique in the market, which translates into performance, openness, reliability, flexibility, celerity, and ingenuity.


The EMI Group provides professional installation services for the full range of industrial access systems supplied, with specialized teams of technicians providing full nationwide coverage.

All on-site intervention teams are coordinated by EMI Area Managers and are equipped with mobile repair units stocked with spare parts, so that we can quickly and efficiently provide both the installation service and related services, such as on-site technical advice, new quotations as required, last-minute technical adjustments, solutions to new installation problems, good project-site management, adaptation and reliability.

In addition to the installation service, we provide maintenance and 24/7 service – EMI’s way of working that in the long run results in reduced costs and added value for all our clients.

  • A professional installation extends the quality and lifetime of a product far beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Our installation teams are qualified and trained on EMI products. All quality standards are met, industrial access systems are installed correctly, and the product is not damaged by improper handling.
  • The turnaround time for implementation is very short, from the moment a project is finalized and approved. This is because we provide both supply and installation, and our teams cover all regions of the country.
  • Project managers ensure efficient site management, which saves time and makes costs more efficient for the client. They are trained by us and receive support from EMI’s in-house teams, both during installation and maintenance.


EMI provides the only multi-brand maintenance service on the Romanian market for industrial access systems, with full nationwide coverage, and interventions within 24 hours in crises.

EMI’s major advantages in providing maintenance derive from the group’s development strategy – we are not limited to brand, we stock multi-brand products; regarding products, we are open source, building the relationship with our clients on trust, competence, and dedication, not on conditioning or coercion.

Clients continue to choose us because we are good at what we do at all levels – technical, commercial, organizational, training, and relational – operating as a center of excellence governed by industry best practices.

We believe that prevention and maintenance of industrial access systems guarantees the continuity of the client’s business and we provide bespoke maintenance services to ensure:

  • Safety at work and compliance with EN 13241-1* and GD 1146/2006* on maintaining work equipment at an optimum technical level
  • Bringing equipment to optimal operating parameters
  • Guarantee on work carried out
  • Concrete and detailed information on the mechanical, electrical, and safety equipment operation
  • Training courses with personnel designated to use the equipment
  • Avoiding equipment blockage and therefore activity gridlock in the sector of the industrial access system concerned
  • Any failure in a sensitive area of a beneficiary can create major technical discomfort, therefore increased responsiveness of EMI maintenance/intervention teams is an essential quality
  • Extend the life, increase the performance, and lower the maintenance costs of equipment through systematic checks and repairs
  • Rapid response with maintenance/service teams of qualified personnel
  • For 90% of the problems that can occur at the gates, for example, an intervention request made in the first part of the day is likely to be resolved on the spot within 24 hours.
  • Full computerized history of maintenance and repair services, and equipment status available in the EMI database.
  • Most of the time, in providing maintenance, we try to send the same teams that did the installation of the respective industrial access system, because there is already a good knowledge of the project and the beneficiary, so communication is much faster and more efficient.
  • If the original installation team cannot make it, the maintenance team arriving on site has the possibility, via the EMI application, to access the detailed history of equipment and repairs carried out, with carefully documented causes and their remedies, including photographs.
  • Each piece of equipment produced, delivered, and installed by EMI has a unique identification number (like a personal identification number) that allows traceability without error in space and time.
  • Issuing a spotting plan to obtain technical information quickly
  • Reduced costs when supplying spare parts or other equipment

24/7 Service

EMI offers a unique professional repair and maintenance service for industrial access systems in Romania, being the only provider of fast service interventions for both EMI and multibrand products, with full nationwide coverage.

We are available 24/7 for any repairs, in any emergency situation, anywhere in Romania.

EMI Group, following acquisitions of Belgium-based Decran and Access Systems, operates now service and maintenance capabilities in Belgium as well.

The uniqueness of EMI’s 24/7 Service activity is due to two essential elements – our teams of specialists and our technological approach.

The training of each new technician who joins the EMI intervention teams starts in our Căteasca Factory, where we have stands with all the pre-assembled automations, so that they can familiarize themselves with the type of electric drives, mounting systems, and operating parameters, including safety systems, for all products/equipment we supply, such as metal swing gates, metal roller shutter doors, sectional gates, dock levelers, etc., in neutral conditions, without the pressure of a crisis, followed by in-depth training programs, mentoring from senior technicians and, of course, direct field experience.

In addition, 24/7 service teams have access to the EMI App on technicians’ phones or tablets, where they have access to the full range of technical documentation for each type of equipment, for each drive or automation, in PDF, in Romanian. In the same application, they can fill in installation reports, inspection reports, equipment maintenance records, and identification records. The EMI Technical Manager can support them with any additional information they need.

This also helps the client, who doesn’t even need to be on-site at the time of the intervention, because he receives a computerized report of the work that has been done, including photos of the repaired equipment and the technical description of the parts that needed to be changed.

Corrective/service maintenance provided by EMI for industrial access systems, as well as preventive maintenance, has the following advantages:

  • Faults are identified, diagnosed, and remedied as quickly and flexibly as possible to restore the proper functioning and continuation of activity in the sector concerned
  • Equipment is brought up to optimum operating parameters
  • Intervention teams available 24/7, who can be present at any location in Romania in a very short time (possibly within 3 hours) 
  • Guarantee for the work carried out
  • Computerized repair history available in the EMI database
  • Delivery of parts and equipment from stock within 24-48h from the customer’s request
  • Possibility of renting some equipment (aerial platform, lift, etc.) at affordable prices

Custom Project Pitch

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Service 24/7

Service 24/7