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EMI is one of Europe’s leading independent providers of integrated and bespoke industrial access system solutions. As a leading player with facilities in three countries and a strong presence across the European continent, we are on a continuous growth trajectory and position ourselves as a very open and adaptable company, constantly seeking performance, both internally and externally.

Bespoke Integrated Solutions means that our goal is much broader than selling a standard product and staying confined within the limits of a traditional product catalog. We are in the industrial access systems market to always find a comprehensive solution for our partners.

We have clients in various industries, retail and logistics centers, the military, aeronautics, and healthcare sectors. Expectations differ from client to client, as do their needs, not only in terms of product but also in terms of service, response time, maintenance contracts, and crisis intervention. We always focus on our client’s needs and define them together.

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At EMI, we turn the tailor-made concept into reality every day, perfectly describing both our Group’s mindset and what we offer our clients – innovative, integrated, bespoke solutions designed specifically to solve their particular problems.

By doing so, EMI is a challenging environment in the best sense of the word, i.e., we never do the same thing twice and no two projects are the same, even if we have recurring clients that we have worked with for years. Projects differ, requirements change, products change, and the solutions we find are always different. There is no routine. You can’t get bored, there is no time for that.

Innovations occur frequently, facilitated by the dual value that the EMI Group currently preserves – human and technological versatility. On the one hand, our specialists are well-trained and experienced, they listen carefully, know how to mold themselves as much as possible to the needs and specifics of each client, and thus ensure a unique service on the market – responsive, professional, and bespoke. On the other hand, the equipment and state-of-the-art technologies, in which several million euros have been invested, both in the factory in Căteasca and in the mobile repair units that go on-site, allow us to be super-flexible and to respond with innovative solutions to very diverse and complex problems.

Some examples of innovations:

  • Special gates for very large openings (such as those for aircraft hangars, with different openings)
  • Special doors made for special/extreme conditions (metal swing gates for the technical area at the Chernobyl sarcophagus, Ukraine; projects in Africa)
  • Related products made by EMI to provide a complete solution to the customer’s problems – e.g. entrance façades at the National Arena in Bucharest, in addition to the delivered doors

Often, the needs of the beneficiaries taken up by the design department end up generating innovative solutions, which we then use repeatedly, or with variants, to optimize certain technological flows when we meet them again in other situations.

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In 2019 we carried out an exceptional project from all points of view, in which we equipped and fitted all the technical buildings in the

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