Special Self-Supporting Gates for Large Openings


Self-supporting gates are perimeter closing systems that require no track or rail at the bottom. They provide a greater advantage over gates with sliding rail systems because they can operate all year round, regardless of the weather (snow, ice, gravel on the road, etc.).

The product is not usually complicated but poses a real challenge when needed for large openings. Moreover, when the customer requests that the gate be clad with metal sheet, it must be constructed in such a way that it can withstand the force of the wind because it acts like a movable wall. In such a case, for a self-supporting gate to function within its required parameters, it is necessary to create and install a special system.

Approach & Results

EMI has created the largest self-supporting gate to date, for an 18-metre opening, clad in metal sheet, made in a single-leaf. The length of the product also required special transportation, handling, and installation conditions.


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