Special Projects

In 2019 we carried out an exceptional project from all points of view, in which we equipped and fitted all the technical buildings in the Chernobyl Reactor 4 area with fireproof metal swing gates, including the sarcophagus installed a few years ago on top of the old one, erected immediately after the 1986 explosion.

Finding optimal solutions in the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of aircraft hangar doors requires a high level of innovation, flexibility, and adaptability in the field, given the particular conditions of the airfield - atypical dimensions for opening and gauge, high frequency of use of the access system, the need for special handling protection systems, the imperative of prompt response to damage.

Perimeter closing systems that do not require a track or rail at the bottom, self-supporting gates offer a greater advantage over gates with sliding rail systems because they can operate all year round, regardless of the weather. The challenge arises when this type of gate is required for large openings.

They are designed by EMI for manufacturers of precast concrete, metal, or other large-scale ironworks that use overhead cranes to handle products from the production hall to the outside. The installation of this type of gate leads to a substantial reduction in exposure to temperature differences in the gap created by the movement of the overhead crane, regardless of the season.

The project to remodel an underground transport depot involved refurbishing the entire façade and fitting special gates in existing voids that had to meet the new requirements, taking into account two particular conditions: at the bottom, there was a railway line, over which the gates had to pass, and at the top, there was a high voltage line (27,000 V).

Hangar doors have special technical requirements when closing gaps, depending on the size of the required gauge (whether the hangars in question are for helicopters or aircrafts), as well as the purpose of the hangar (overhaul/maintenance or repair).

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