Special Gates for Hangars


Hangar doors have special technical requirements when closing gaps, depending on the size of the required gauge (whether the hangars in question are for helicopters or aircrafts), as well as the purpose of the hangar (overhaul / maintenance or repair).

Approach & Results

Taking into account this specific, EMI has created three distinct solutions for hangar doors: a) the folding / corrugated type closure; b) the left / right or telescopic track sliding option; c) the vertically-folding option, made of a tarpaulin type material.

The solution is chosen according to the type of hangar – for a repair hangar, for example, where access is less than once a day, a sliding version may be chosen; for an overhaul hangar, where the aircraft is entered for a 3-hour overhaul, a much quicker opening / closing solution should be chosen, such as a vertically-folding tarpaulin.


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