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Today, EMI stands as a truly European player, with international shareholding uniting four nationalities, facilities in three countries, and a strong presence across Europe.

The EMI Group is on an ambitious growth trajectory, aiming both at strengthening our position in existing markets and expanding into new ones. As part of this expansion, we are dedicated to involving the founders of the companies we acquire, integrating their expertise and experience into our operations. This collaborative approach will enable us to create a powerful European champion group.

Brand DNA

EMI Group is a European leader in industrial access solutions.

We offer clients a unique combination of integrated and customized services for industrial access systems at the highest standards: consulting, design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and service.

In everything we do, we put the client, our teams, and the collaborative relationship first, both inside and outside the company. We keep seeking and finding the best solutions to solve any technical needs of our clients during the technological process and while using our industrial access systems and services.

Our people and work philosophy make our business unique in the market. In addition to access to technology, we have created a way of working in which our specialists can grow, have freedom of action, operational decision-making, and the ability to create the most ingenious solutions to solve absolutely any problem our clients face. This is the source of the reliability, flexibility, celerity, and ingenuity of our solutions.

We create added value for everyone we come into contact with – clients, colleagues, partners, suppliers, end-users, and the community.


Devenim un grup de top la nivel europeanși internațional, furnizorul preferat pentru soluții totale industriale și pentru proiecte tehnice complexe.


Oferim cea mai de încredere, mai performantă și mai rapidă soluție la orice provocare pusă de sistemele industriale de acces.

De ce?

Ne plac provocările și privim dincolo de ele! Furnizăm clienților noștri soluțiile tehnologice adecvate și servicii complete și competente pentru sistemele industriale de acces, sprijinindu-i astfel să-și implementeze și eficientizeze proiectele. 

Vedem fiecare problemă cu care se confruntă clienții ca pe o dublă oportunitate: pentru noi – să inovăm, iar pentru clienții noștri – să-și dezvolte afacerile.


Înțelegem și punem pe primul loc nevoile, interesele, specificul și potențialul clienților și al coechipierilor noștri. Adaptăm tehnologia și creăm soluții noi, unicate, dedicate fiecărui client și fiecărei probleme în parte.

Construim relații de durată, bazate pe loialitate, responsabilitate și încredere, atât cu clienții, cât și cu propria noastră echipă.


We become a leading European and international group, the preferred supplier for total industrial solutions and complex technical projects.


We offer the most reliable, high-performance, and fastest solution to any challenge posed by industrial access systems.

This is WHY we do it

We love challenges and we take the long view. We provide our clients with the right technology solutions, as well as comprehensive and competent services for industrial access systems, helping them implement and streamline their projects.

We see every problem our clients face as a double opportunity: for us - to innovate, and for our clients - to expand their business.

This is HOW we do it

We acknowledge and put first the needs, interests, specifics, and potential of our clients and teammates. We add technology and develop new, unique solutions dedicated to each client and each problem.

We build lasting relationships based on loyalty, responsibility, and trust, both with clients and with our own team.

Top Management

Jérôme France


In today’s international market, so many companies find themselves stuck in the process, in rigidity, losing the essence of what customer service means. This is our top priority – not to get stuck and stay customer-oriented, to come up with new ideas and technologies, with flexible service infrastructure, and to offer bespoke integrated solutions for our customers.

I believe that the human factor is crucial to achieving this – happy people means happy clients – and we apply this simple, common sense rule in everything we do. We are alive, we are simply alive, present, and we have a way of functioning that evolves every day. I don’t know what the precise recipe is, but I have found the winning recipe and a model of flexibility, dedication, and performance, structured at the governance level, that doesn’t exist at the European level. So we’re blazing a trail of achieving performance from the heart, I would say, and we’re off to a great start.

Teams and Expertise

EMI specialists work miracles in the field every day – through the solutions they find in the factory, in the office, and on the site; through their customer focus, competence, and, most importantly, through the way they are, the way they behave, the way they embrace the EMI mission, and evolve.

The people at EMI – engineers, technicians, site managers, and administrative support teams – truly believe in building long-term, trusting relationships with clients and partners, as well as between team members, and over two decades of successful operation in Romania have proven that this approach and attitude is a winning strategy.

To continuously find new, integrated, and bespoke solutions to any problem our clients face in the field of industrial access systems and beyond, EMI specialists must be technically well-trained, but also flexible, open to the new, knowledgeable, attentive to the specifics of each client’s needs, with a decision-making and organizational capacity that works independently.

We currently have full nationwide coverage in Romania – we can provide 24/7 supply, installation, maintenance, and service throughout the country at all times. We have very large, multi-annual projects underway, such as those of military infrastructure, but we also have spot projects, which can be solved in less than 3 hours, the same day, or – when they involve manufacturing input – solved in max. 48 hours, sometimes in less than 24 hours.

EMI’s first two partnerships, with Access Systems and Decran, opened us up to the Belgium market, and together we agreed on the same strategic approach to attracting and training human resources, intending to create a center of excellence within our Group to benefit from this mix of European culture.

We are a structured group for which the human factor is essential. The key is to perform, from a technical, commercial, and organizational perspective, to be able to inspire each other with best practices, and to create this group unity that shares customer focus, flexibility, and adaptability.


APPLICANT PROFILE: A degree in Construction / Electrical engineering / Automation or at least 1 year of experience in the field is an advantage Ability to work in a team and to concentrate, punctuality, proactive attitude, persuasiveness, initiative, perseverance, eagerness to progress professionally and personally Skills in studying and understanding construction projects and blueprints Knowledge and experience in PC use (Autocad, Excel, Word,) Knowledge of English and / or French and / or German at an intermediate level would be an advantage
APPLICANT PROFILE: Minimum 1-year experience in technical / construction, industrial, technical repair, equipment assembly, etc. is an advantage Technical profile with a focus on fieldwork Willingness to travel Driving license Category B is an advantage Ability to work in a team and concentrate, punctuality, proactive attitude, initiative, perseverance, eagerness to progress professionally and personally Qualification: electrician, locksmith, electrical / mechanical installation is an advantage

Service 24/7

Service 24/7