Special Gates for Overhead Cranes


Producers of precast concrete, precast metal, or other large-scale ironworks use an overhead crane to handle these products from the production hall to the outside, which involves a full-width opening of the overhead crane’s facade. In most cases, to prevent a brutal environmental change (with large temperature differences) with the outside, these façades are covered, in the area of the overhead crane, with empirical protection systems.

Approach & Results

EMI has responded to this problem that precast manufacturers face and designed a special overhead crane gate system that mounts at the top of the production hall and descends to the underside of the overhead crane, copying its configuration and running paths.

The installation of such a gate leads to a substantial reduction in exposure to temperature differences between the hall and the outside, regardless of the season, given that the opening that remains empty when moving the overhead crane is approx. 80-120 sqm.


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