Finding optimal solutions in the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of aircraft hangar doors requires a high level of innovation, flexibility, and adaptability in the field, given the particular conditions of the airfield – atypical dimensions for opening and gauge, high frequency of use of the access system, the need for special handling protection systems, the imperative of prompt response to damage.


The project carried out at Clinceni Aerodrome consisted in dismantling the old gate – a double leaf folding gate, with significant weight and driven by cable pulleys; in the past, there was a risk of cable breakage and gate falling – and creating and installing another type of enclosure, especially for aviation hangars, one meant to fit into the existing hall structure, comply with all safety regulations, and have dual electrical and mechanical maneuverability with special safety systems, so that to prevent the occurrence of any incidents that could lead to workplace accidents.

Approach & Results

As soon as we received the request for the project, we sent an EMI specialist for detailed on-site documentation, after which the design and special projects department at our factory in Căteasca drew up a customized project, proposing to the beneficiary the solution of a 16-meter wide roller shutter with full metal blades, mounted on the outside of the hall, electrically and manually operated, with chain drive and additional parachute-type gravity locking system against falling into the void.

Since the hangar houses between 10 and 15 aircrafts, we looked for a solution where the gate would not open inwards, so as not to take away from the space needed for the aircrafts, and the access system would be mounted and operated on the outside of the hangar, running on a 16-meter shaft, with a very solid protection system, taking into account that the weight of the assembly exceeded 3.5 tons. Except for the electrical part, which was ordered from the specialty manufacturer, everything was made at the EMI factory using special in-house equipment.

The specificity of the equipment supplied lies in its extensive width, which posed challenges both for transport – it was necessary to transport by road, with the standard truck being approx. 13 meters long – as well as for handling and installation on-site. The project was made possible thanks to the EMI teams involved, with a wealth of experience in conception, design, and fieldwork, as well as the equipment and technology used. No more than 11 days passed from the time we agreed upon the solution with the beneficiary to the completion of the installation on-site.


The way we responded to the particular need of this aviation beneficiary and the solution we offered spoke for themselves and the word spread quickly in the industry, so that in a very short time we were contacted by other clients from this sector, interested in upgrading and securing their access systems.


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